Ring of Delayed Doom

Aura moderate conjuration; CL 9th; Slot ring; Price 45,000 gp; Weight


Whenever the mind or body of this ring’s wearer first becomes subject to any harmful effect that allows a saving throw to resist or mitigate it, he may, as an immediate action, choose to delay the onset of that effect for 1 minute, after he fails the saving throw but before its effects occur. This activation causes one of the ring’s nine garnets to turn to powder. When that minute passes, the wearer may continue to delay the onset of this harmful effect an additional minute as an immediate action by willing the ring to do so, which destroys another garnet, thus repeating the cycle for another minute. The delayed harmful effect occurs when the wearer falls unconscious, when the ring is removed, or 1 minute after the last time the ring’s power activated; rounds spent delaying the effect do not count toward the effect’s duration (for example, a curse that lasts 5 rounds takes effect for a full 5 rounds, even if the wearer delayed its effect several minutes). Effects that protect against or negate the harmful effect work normally while it is delayed. The price of the ring is reduced by 5,000 gp for each of its garnets that has been destroyed.


Feats Forge Ring; Spells heal, time stop; Cost 22,500 gp.

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