Ironbound Ring

Price varies: Master’s ironbound ring 8,000 gp, Minion’s ironbound ring 500 gp; Slot ring; CL 5th Weight -; Aura faint abjuration and enchantment


While holding one or more minion’s ironbound rings, the wearer of a master’s ironbound ring can impart instructions of 50 words or fewer to each minion’s ironbound ring.

The wearer of a minion’s ironbound ring can recall the instructions at will and is aware of any action that would cause him to act against those instructions. The DC of any skill check attempted to force the wearer to abandon, misinterpret, or consciously fail the instructions increases by 5, such as for Bluff checks to trick the wearer or Intimidate checks to interrogate him. The wearer gains a +3 resistance bonus on Will saves to resist spells and effects that would force him to act against the instructions, such as dominate person and suggestion.


Cost varies: Master’s ironbound ring 4,000 gp, Minion’s ironbound ring 250 gp; Feats Forge Ring; Spells resistance, suggestion

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