Quarterstaff of Contemplation

Price 34,800 gp; Slot none; CL 12th; Weight 4 lbs.; Aura strong transmutation


Note This item is associated with a specific deity.

This wooden pole is plain, save that green dragon scales adorn to its length. It is treated as a +2 quarterstaff but in the hands of a worshiper the associated deity, it gains the ki intensifying weapon special ability.

If the wielder is a follower of the associated deity and possesses the wholeness of body class feature, he can spend a full-round action to meditate using the staff as a focus. Treat this as using wholeness of body at the cost of 1 ki point instead of 2.


Cost 17,550 gp; Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Special creator must be a 7th-level monk

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Combat © 2014, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Dennis Baker, Jesse Benner, John Compton, and Thurston Hillman.

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