Price +3 bonus; Slot none; CL 9th; Weight —; Aura moderate evocation


Restriction This special ability can be placed only on a melee weapon with a hilt or handle.

An umbral weapon does not reflect any sources of ambient light and is perpetually cloaked in shadow.

It is considered to have concealment for the purposes of attacks or effects directed at the weapon, such as combat maneuver checks made to disarm, steal or sunder it and disintegrate or rusting grasp. The wielder gains darkvision 30 feet while grasping the hilt or handle of the weapon, even if the weapon is not drawn.

Upon command, an umbral weapon radiates darkness in a 20-foot radius, causing illumination in the area to drop by one step (from bright light to normal light, normal light to dim light, or dim light to darkness). Due to the darkvision granted by the weapon, the wielder’s vision is not impaired by darkness created by an umbral weapon. The darkness shed by an umbral weapon is considered a 2nd-level spell effect for the purpose of comparing its effect to the effects of magical light sources. This darkness suppresses light spells, but can’t be used to counter or dispel them. The weapon must be drawn and in the wielder’s hand to radiate darkness. The darkness ends immediately if the weapon is dropped, disarmed, sheathed, or otherwise stowed.


Cost +3 bonus; Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells darkness, darkvision

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