Dispelling Burst

Price +2 bonus; Aura strong abjuration; CL 12th; Weight


A dispelling burst weapon functions like a dispelling weapon but may store dispel magic or greater dispel magic. In addition, these spells can be discharged as a free action when the wielder of a dispelling burst weapon confirms a critical hit. When the wielder does so, the bonus to the check made to dispel (including from dispelling strike, spell sunder, or sunder enchantment) increases by an amount equal to the weapon’s enhancement bonus or the weapon’s critical multiplier (whichever is higher).

If a dispelling burst weapon confirms a critical hit while it is not currently storing a dispel magic or greater dispel magic spell, yet if the wielder has either spell prepared (or is a spontaneous caster able to cast either spell), she may cast either spell into the weapon as a swift action and then immediately discharge it into the target as a free action.


Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells greater dispel magic; Special creator must be a caster of at least 12th level; Cost +2 bonus

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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