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Gale Armor

Price 15,180 gp; Slot armor; CL 7th; Weight —; Aura moderate transmutation


Gale armor is a suit of +3 silken ceremonial armor that floats weightlessly when not worn.

Gale armor has no weight of its own and confers limited weightlessness on its wearer. The wearer of a suit of gale armor can use air walk up to 10 rounds per day. Activating or deactivating this ability is a free action, and these rounds need not be consecutive. Additionally, the wearer of a suit of gale armor is permanently under the effect of glide, and if he’s capable of flying, the armor increases his maneuverability by one category.


Cost 7,680 gp; Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells air walk, glide

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