Weird Queen’s Magpie (Minor Artifact)

Slot none; Aura strong enchantment and evocation; CL 15th; Weight 2 lbs.


Created by an ancient fey queen who could see the threads of fate, this intelligent, magical construct bird is made of bones fused by alchemy and magic. Though it takes the shape of a bird constructed of alchemically hardened and magically enhanced bone, its stats and abilities are similar to that of a clockwork spy except that it has perfect maneuverability and DR 20/—.

A creature wishing to use this artifact must be neither good nor evil and must spend at least 24 hours with the magpie in its possession. Once it does so, the magpie serves its bearer until it is dismissed, its master commits an evil or good act that requires atonement, or the magpie is destroyed.

Furthermore, the weird queen’s magpie has the following abilities .

  • Three times per day on command, and while in contact with the artifact, the bird’s bearer can use it as a pearl of power, but the spell recalled can be of any level.
  • At will and on command, the bird’s master can make it go forth and send messages, as if it were the subject of an animal messenger spell.
  • Three times per day on command, the bird’s master can have the magpie cast breath of life.


The weird queen’s magpie is destroyed if it enters the Positive Energy Plane.

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