Talisman of Reluctant Wishes (Minor Artifact)

Slot none; Aura strong conjuration; CL 20th; Weight 1 lb.


A talisman of reluctant wishes appears the same as a stone of controlling earth elementals, a rugged rock that seems to pulse with an inner power. Its powers are quite different, however, and are dependent on the Charisma of the holder. Any character touching a talisman of reluctant wishes must make a DC 15 Charisma check.

  • If the check fails, the talisman acts as a stone of weight. Discarding it results in 5d6 points of damage to the character and the disappearance of the talisman.
  • If the check succeeds, the talisman remains with the character for 5d6 hours, or until a wish is made with it, whichever comes first. It then disappears.
  • If the check roll is a natural 20, the talisman remains for a number of months equal to the character’s Charisma score, resisting any effort to get rid of it by reappearing in the character’s possession, in a back pocket, at the bottom of his pack, or the like.

The artifact grants one wish for every 6 points of the character’s Charisma (round down). It grows warm and throbs whenever its possessor comes within 20 feet of a mechanical or magic trap. (If the talisman is not held, its warning heat and pulses are of no avail.)

Regardless of which reaction results, a talisman of reluctant wishes disappears when its time expires, leaving behind a large diamond in its stead, valued at 1,000 gp per point of the character’s Charisma.


A talisman of reluctant wishes can be destroyed by wishing it so, using either one of the stone’s wishes or a wish spell from another source. The stone then explodes, causing 5d6 points of damage to the holder.

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