Sword of the Mists (Minor Artifact)

Slot none; CL 20th; Weight 12 lbs.; Aura strong conjuration and transmutation


Forged by powerful fey from the primal word as a gift to mortal champions, a sword of mists is a +6 defending greatsword of gleaming blue steel with a stag’s head pommel. Strange, ancient runic etchings encircle the rain guard, and the cross guard is fashioned in the shape of thorny vines. Anyone who wields the weapon gains low-light vision, resist nature’s lure (as the druid class feature), and the ability to speak and understand Sylvan.

The wielder can expend one use of mythic power to imbue the blade for 1 minute with the ability to bypass the hardness of any solid object and cut through even the toughest material as if slicing through butter.

Once per week, the wielder can expend one use of mythic power to enter the primal world of fey from the Material Plane or vice versa.


If bathed in the blood of its fey creators, a sword of mists mystically melts into a pool of useless lead.

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