Greater Ring of Elemental Command (Minor Artifact)

Aura overwhelming conjuration; Slot ring; CL 21st; Weight

This unique ring of elemental command (fire) is made of ilkor with a ruby inset. The ring glows red hot as if it had been placed in a flame, but it is always cool to the touch. The wearer becomes immune to fire and treats her caster level as 2 higher when casting spells with the fire descriptor. The elemental can resist the charm effect of the ring with a successful DC 21 Will save. Esufey with a fire affinity are treated as if they were fire elementals for the purposes of the ring’s abilities, including its charm ability. In addition to its typical powers and spells, the ring grants the following additional abilities.


The ring must be submerged in the waters of the Plane of Water by an elder fire elemental. This cools the ring until it is no longer red hot. Once cooled, the ring must be struck by a the elemental to shatter it.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Niobe © 2019, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Sebastian A. Jones, Darrell May, Joshua Cozine, and Luis Loza.

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