Fleshhook of Mythic Sustenance (Minor Artifact)

Slot none; CL 20th; Weight 12 lbs.; Aura strong transmutation


The fleshhook is an ancient ceremonial artifact used by high priests to serve the sacred feast-meat from their cooking pots.

This 4-foot-long wooden pole is wrapped with three metal bands etched with elaborate cygnets and ravens—one band at the base, one in the center, and one shaped into a headpiece that forks into four sharpened tines. When recreating the ancient feasting ritual, which takes 10 minutes, a mythic 158 creature can use the fleshhook to imbue the meat served upon its tines with his own mythic power. With each piece of meat served, the bearer can transfer one use of mythic power to the creature that eats the meat.

If eaten by a mythic creature, the meat replenishes one use of mythic power. If eaten by a non-mythic creature, it grants a single use of mythic power for 24 hours. For as long as that non-mythic creature holds this use of mythic power, it’s considered a mythic creature for the purposes of spells and effects, and gains both the hard to kill and surge base mythic abilities. Once that use of mythic power is spent, the creature loses these abilities and is no longer considered mythic.


A fleshhook of mythic sustenance snaps and become useless if used to serve the rotten flesh of a mythic creature to a powerful outsider.

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