Deck of Harrowed Tales (Minor Artifact)

Aura strong conjuration; CL 20th Slot none; Weight 1 lb.


The Deck of Harrowed Tales is a unique Harrow deck linked to the Harrowed Realm, a fantastical demiplane populated by whimsical and nefarious manifestations of characters from a Harrow deck’s illustrations (see the sidebar for more details on this realm). Once per day, at a mental command from its wielder, the Deck of Harrowed Tales can create a swirling vortex to the Harrowed Realm, as per the spell gate. This ability does not function while the deck is in the Harrowed Realm, requiring those within to find another method of escape.


The Deck of Harrowed Tales can only be destroyed by completing a mythical series of 54 quests tied to each of the Harrow cards within. Only then can the final 55th quest be revealed, upon the completion of which the deck and the Harrowed Realm cease to exist.


The Harrowed Realm possesses the following traits:

  • Normal Gravity Ageless: Time itself passes normally here, but creatures in the Harrowed realm do not age, though they must eat, drink, and sleep normally.
  • Self-Contained Shape: The Harrowed Realm’s flat expanse stretches roughly 80 miles across, but wraps back in on itself at the farthest edges.
  • Mildly Neutral-Aligned
  • Limited Magic: Spells that transport a character to another plane, such as ethereal jaunt, plane shift, or shadow walk, only function if the caster succeeds at a DC 30 caster level check. Conjuration spells of the (summoning) subschool only function if the caster succeeds at a DC 20 caster level check. A failed spell produces no effect, and still expends a spell slot.
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