Bullroarers of Outburst (Minor Artifact)

Slot none; CL 20th; Weight 5 lbs.; Aura strong enchantment


These five oblong, wooden planks range in length from 5 inches to about 1 foot, and weigh 1 pound each. None is carved thicker than a finger, and their sides taper to form dull blades. Each is delicately carved with intricate, symmetrical designs of seemingly primitive origin. A long cord bound to the plank through a hole at the top of the blade allows the bearer to whirl the blade about in a circle, causing it to emit a low, growling tone with a strange warble that can be heard many miles away.

In the hands of a mythic creature, whirling bullroarers can induce powerful sonic waves that trigger profound emotional reactions in anyone they touch. A mythic creature can attempt to spin up to two bullroarers at a time, provided he has a free hand for each. Spinning more than two bullroarers creates a cacophony that causes their effects to cancel each other out.

The penetrating sonic waves don’t need to be audible to be effective, however they can’t affect creatures immune to mind-affecting effects.

The bullroarers affect mythic opponents within a radius of 60 feet plus 10 additional feet per the tier wielder possesses, and non-mythic creatures within double that range. The effect remains for as long as the artifact’s owner swings the bullroarer, up to a maximum number of rounds equal to his mythic tier. The individual blades and their powers are listed below.

  • Blade of Courage: All allies within the area of effect are treated as if affected by of a blessing of courage and life spell.
  • Blade of Castigation: All opponents within the area fall to their knees as if affected by a castigate spell.
  • Blade of Despair: All opponents within the area of effect that hear the sound become saddened as if affected by a crushing despair spell.
  • Blade of Fear: All opponents within the area of effect that hear the sound become frightened as if affected by a fear spell.
  • Blade of Rage: All opponents within the area of effect that hear the sound become enraged as if affected by a rage spell.


The bullroarers simultaneously shatter if all five are swung at the same time while their bearer stands within the eye of a massive hurricane.

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