Amulet of Faith (Minor Artifact)

Note This item is associated with a specific deity.

Slot neck; CL 20th; Weight -; Aura strong abjuration [good]


This elaborate necklace made of gold and ilkor bears etchings and markings conveying prayers of protection.

This necklace grants the wearer a +4 deflection bonus to AC, a +4 resistance bonus on saving throws, and a +1 bonus to caster level for all spells. The wearer also recovers twice the usual number of hit points with a full night’s rest and needs to sleep only 5 minutes to feel fully rested and avoid fatigue, though she must keep to minimal activity to receive natural healing.

Finally, if the wearer is a worshiper of the associated deity and has the Blessed by a God or Dragon feat, the wearer can use that feat to plead to the associated deity once per day instead of once per week.

Once per day on command, the wearer can give up this bonus and instead grant it to all allies within 30 feet. The wearer can share the bonus in this way for up to 1 minute, but she can dismiss the effect and resume gaining the bonus herself at any time as a free action. Once per week as a standard action, the wearer can call upon greater healing power. This healing power restores a total of 360 hit points divided between the wearer and all creatures within 30 feet, as determined by the wearer.

The wearer can cast the following spells as spell-like abilities a certain number of times per day. If the wearer ever falls below 0 hit points, the amulet automatically casts one of the spells on the wearer on her initiative count, starting with the highest-level spell and continuing to the lowest-level spell. The amulet does so every round until the wearer is no longer below 0 hit points, all spells are expended, or the wearer is dead.


The amulet crumbles to dust if its all of its healing spells are expended and it is struck with a weapon blessed by the Untamed God.

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