Sword of Lust (Major Artifact)

Aura strong enchantment; CL 16th; Slot none; Price —; Weight 6 lbs.


Alignment LE; Ego 25; Senses 30 ft. (vision and hearing); Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 10; Communication speech/telepathy (Common, one additional); Powers If the sword is active (see Dormancy below), it can cast create food and water, endure elements, and cure serious wounds 3 times per day.


This beautiful blade is a +5 flaming longsword. While bearing the weapon, the wielder is immune to all enchantment effects. Any creature that casts an enchantment spell upon Sword of Lust’s wielder is led to believe its spell or effect worked as normal and that the sword’s bearer is under its control, allowing the wielder to deceive his opponent if he so chooses (and doesn’t give his enemy a reason to believe its magic failed). Whenever Sword of Lust strikes an opponent, the target must succeed at a DC 20 Will save or fall under the effects of a charm monster spell. Only one creature can be charmed in this way at a time. If another creature becomes charmed by the sword, the first is freed from this effect. If the sword instead scores a critical hit, the target must succeed at a DC 25 Will save or be affected by a dominate monster spell.

Dormancy With no lords to serve, the weapons of their champions lie dormant as well, reducing each to a +2 weapon with the noted weapon special abilities but no other properties. The only way to awaken one of the blades is to restore its runelord master to active life or have some other legitimate ruler take up its master’s mantle (the weapon determines what is considered legitimate). The swords can detect such restorations and flare to full power immediately, demanding their wielder seek out the restored runelord and swear eternal fealty.


Each of the Seven Swords of Sin can be destroyed merely if commanded to break. That command, however, must come from the rightful runelord of the nation and school of magic associated with the blade.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Artifacts & Legends © 2012, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Author: F. Wesley Schneider.

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