Staff of Changes (Major Artifact)

Aura powerful transmutation; CL 20th; Slot none; Price —; Weight 5 lbs.


This long, straight staff bears a rough crystal at the top, wrapped in wire extending to the base. When the staff moves, something liquid shifts within the crystal. The staff tends to right itself if left alone, balancing easily on its lower end, easily moved or toppled but quickly returning to its upright position if left undisturbed for a few minutes. Though the creator of this item is uncertain, most believe it has some ties to a powerful devil whose cult gained some renown by elves.

The staff initially appears to be a fully-charged staff of transmutation. With the proper command word, once per day you can use it to cast a mass polymorph or baleful polymorph, though there reputedly is a very small chance that the staff will transform you as well. You can use it to cast bear’s endurance, bull’s strength, cat’s grace, eagle’s splendor, fox’s cunning, or owl’s wisdom up to 10 times per day in any combination, or use five of the daily “charges” of this power to cast a mass version of any of those spells.

If left to balance itself, you can tap its crystal once and speak a command word to cause it to slowly screw itself into the earth until only the crystal is visible. A few minutes later water begins to bubble up from the earth, forming a pool or spring if the shape of the ground permits it. This water is pure and clean and replenishes itself at a rate of one gallon per minute. Through an attunement process that takes several days of active concentration (similar to crafting a magic item) you can give the spring magical powers so that any who drink from it will be permanently affected, though there are usually slight side effects (for example, if the water enhances Dexterity, a drinker may gain cat-like features).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Chronicles: Gods and Magic. Copyright 2008, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Author: Sean K Reynolds.

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