Spherical Boat (Major Artifact)

Slot none; CL 25th; Weight 2 lbs.; Aura overwhelming necromancy and transmutation


This sphere of wood and metal about 3 inches in diameter is engraved with waves, a boat, sails, and clouds.

The bearer of the Spherical Boat can hear a faint ticking sound and see the waves, boat, and clouds engraved upon it moving slowly, as if animated by miniature clockwork mechanisms.

When the bearer speaks a command word as a standard action, the sphere quickly unfolds, its many parts twisting, turning, and growing to form a ship as large as a small manor in the space of a single round, in the same manner as a folding boat. While expanding, the ship destroys any non-magical barriers of hardness 10 or less. If barriers of greater hardness constrain it, the ship returns to its spherical form.

The ship has the statistics presented below. The bearer of the Spherical Boat can mentally steer the ship while aboard it. If the ship loses all its hit points, it returns to its spherical form and cannot be commanded to unfold for 1 month; after this time, the ship is restored to its maximum hit points.

A second command word causes the ship to fold itself again to a small sphere. When the ship returns to its spherical form, whether due to hit point damage or its spoken command word, everything inside the ship (including its cargo and all creatures other than the bearer) enters an extradimensional space shaped like the ship. The bearer is safely ejected during this shrinking, occupying the same space as the small sphere. Creatures trapped inside the ship don’t need food or drink and do not age, but every month the ship consumes the life energy of one random creature stored inside it, killing the creature instantly.

Spherical Boat

Colossal water vehicle
Squares 80 (20 ft. by 100 ft.)


AC 2; Hardness 20
hp 1,200 (599)
Base Save +0


Maximum Speed 500 ft.; Acceleration 100 ft.

CMB +8; CMD 18
Ramming Damage 8d8


The Spherical Boat can carry 50 tons of cargo or 160 soldiers.

Propulsion magic
Driving Check none (magic)
Forward Facing the ship’s forward
Driving Device magic item
Driving Space any square on the ship
Decks 2
Weapons The Spherical Boat wasn’t created with weapons, but it can accommodate up to 20 Large direct-fire siege engines in banks of 10 positioned on the port and starboard sides of the ship, or up to six Huge direct-fire siege engines in banks of three on the port and starboard sides of the ship, as with a normal warship. Although the bearer controls the movement of the ship by thought alone, additional crew members are required to operate any siege engines on the ship.


If the Spherical Boat is filled with ash while in ship form and then commanded to shrink, it bursts, dealing 20d6 points of slashing damage to creatures within 100 feet and leaving behind only blackened metal and sawdust.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Adventure Path #137: The City Outside of Time © 2018, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Amanda Hamon Kunz, with John Compton, Gregory Hanigan, and Mikko Kallio.

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