Aura strong conjuration; CL 20th; Slot none; Weight 5 lbs.


This staff of black wood seems to be partially made from actual shadow, its length darkly iridescent and at times transparent.

The Shadowstaff makes the wielder slightly shadowy and incorporeal, granting him a +4 bonus to AC and on Reflex saves (which stacks with any other bonuses). However, in bright light (such as that of the sun, but not a torch) or in absolute darkness, the wielder takes a –2 penalty on all attack rolls, saves, and checks. The Shadowstaff also has the following powers.

  • Shadow Bolt: Three times per day, the staff can project a ray attack that deals 10d6 points of cold damage to a single target. The shadow bolt has a range of 100 feet.
  • Shadow Form: Three times per day, the wielder can become a living shadow, with all the movement powers granted by the gaseous form spell.
  • Summon Nightshade: Once per month, the staff can summon a nightcrawler nightshade that serves the wielder as if called by a summon monster IX spell cast at 20th level.
  • Summon Shadows: Three times per day, the staff may summon 2d4 shadows. Immune to turning, they serve the wielder as if called by a summon monster V spell cast at 20th level.


The Shadowstaff fades away to nothingness if it is exposed to the sunlight of Nirvana for a continuous 24-hour period.


Those who carry the Shadowstaff risk having their souls cast into darkness.

  • Revised Relic: The Shadowstaff offers its user a host of sinister abilities, but does not intrinsically threaten good-aligned users. GMs should decide for themselves the moral implications of using an artifact that relies on such tortured souls for its powers.
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