Saint Cuthbert’s Mace

Aura strong abjuration, conjuration, and transmutation; CL 20th; Slot none; Weight 8 lbs.


This simple wooden mace bears the scars and splinters of frequent use, and looks like the weapon of a traveling monk or military chaplain.

Despite its ragged appearance, Saint Cuthbert’s Mace is a +5 axiomatic holy disruption heavy mace that allows the bearer to cast the spell searing light at will. Any evil creature that attempts to wield the Mace is damaged as though it were struck by the weapon’s searing light ability every round it wields the artifact.

On a specific day every year, the mace makes use of greater teleport, interplanetary teleport, or plane shift to instantly travel to a location anywhere in the multiverse where it is needed, typically appearing where a worthy lawful good wielder will soon pass. The mace’s bearer has no control over this effect and is not included in the artifact’s teleportation.


One who has borne Saint Cuthbert’s Mace for a total of 3 years must use it to slay an evil demigod or greater power, causing the weapon to shatter.


The history of Saint Cuthbert’s Mace has its origins on a far-flung, magic-starved world. On that globe a remarkable man was born to a simple life and a path that would lead him to be a pious soldier, spiritual leader, and eventually worker of miracles. Throughout multiple tests of courage and faith, he remained devoted to comforting the sick, righting injustices, and enkindling the light of righteousness in a world beset by darkness. As the priest aged, he came to accept that his days as a warrior were past and took his trusted weapon, a simple wooden mace, to the top of a hill and prayed that the mace would find another who would use it to defend that which is good against evil. When he opened his eyes, the mace had vanished.

Since then, Saint Cuthbert’s Mace has appeared on untold worlds, always along the path of a virtuous hero or a pious soul with the promise or need to be a champion against villainy. None can say how many similar world-changing feats the mace has performed in its ages of existence.


Anyone who discovers Saint Cuthbert’s Mace discovers the weapon of a true hero, with all the challenges such a title often demands.

  • Hero Seeker: Saint Cuthbert’s Mace is a legend that seeks out legends, uncannily appearing in the lives of those who need it most, even if those who discover it don’t realize they have the calling to be heroes. No record exists of the mace ever making a mistake or falling into the hands of an unworthy bearer, though it often comes into a hero’s possession before it becomes needful. Although it does not cause evil itself, the mace’s appearance often presages dark days.
  • Temporary Ally: Saint Cuthbert’s Mace typically vanishes to aid another hero in more dire need—some say it seeks out the most needful or worthy hero with each teleportation. The mace will not abandon a bearer in a moment of crisis, though, even if this means putting its mysterious disappearance off by a few days. In extreme cases, the mace has delayed seeking a new owner for as much as a week, though as soon as its current wielder is out of immediate danger it departs to aid another.
  • Ultimate Warrior: Some suggest the mace isn’t seeking to combat the greatest dangers in the multiverse, but rather is testing heroes, seeking a wielder as worthy as its first. Should it find such a paragon, its long search could hypothetically end, and its true mission—if it has one—can finally begin.
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