Perfection’s Key (Major Artifact)

Slot none; Aura strong transmutation; CL 16th; Weight 1/2 lb.


This platinum key can open nearly any lock or door with a mere touch.

With a touch of the key, a lock of DC 40 or lower unlocks. When a creature holding the key attempts to break down a door with a break (locked) DC of 28 or lower, the door is broken and opened. In all other cases it grants the creature possessing Perfection’s Key a +10 bonus on Disable Device checks to pick locks, and a +10 bonus on attempts to break down doors.


Somewhere in the planes there is said to be an Impossible Lock—a mechanism so perfect that only this key can thwart it. If Perfection’s Key is inserted into the Impossible Lock, the key is destroyed, but unlocks the Impossible Lock.

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