Horns of Death (Major Artifact)

Aura overwhelming necromancy; CL 22nd; Slot head; Price —; Weight 8 lbs.


The crown of an infamous undead tyrant, the Horns of Death are a symbol of dominance over death. When worn by an undead creature, the Horns of Death reduce all damage taken from positive energy by half. In addition, whenever the wearer touches a living creature while wearing this helm (even if the touch is part of casting a spell or another touch attack), the touch deals an additional 5d6 points of negative energy damage and the wearer gains these hit points, just as if he had cast vampiric touch. The wearer of the helm is immune to acid and can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even that created by magic. Once per day on command, the helm can be ordered to transform into an ancient black dragon that unquestioningly obeys the creature that summoned it for 1 hour before reverting to a helm. Slaying the dragon does not destroy the helm, but it does prevent this ability from being used for 1 week. While the helm is in dragon form, the helm’s owner does not receive any of the helm’s other benefits.


The helm can be destroyed by crushing it between the jaws of an ancient black dragon’s skull in the middle of a desert with the sun at its zenith.

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