Guardian Key (Major Artifact)

Aura strong enchantment; CL 15th; Slot none; Price —; Weight 0,000


This simple-looking key seems to be carved crudely from stone, but is in fact a sort of skeleton key that can be used to wind all clockwork constructs swiftly and efficiently.

The guardian key can fit into any clockwork construct’s keyhole, and fully winds a clockwork with a single turn made as a move action. Clockworks wound by the guardian key are healed of 5d8+20 points of damage, remain active for 10 times longer than they normally would, and during this period gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws. The guardian key can also be used to seize control of a clockwork. To do so, a creature must attempt a touch attack against the target clockwork as a standard action. If it hits, the clockwork can attempt a DC 15 Will save to resist. If the clockwork’s save fails, that clockwork regards the key’s carrier as its creator, and follows that person’s commands to the letter. The guardian key can control only one construct at a time. If it is used to control a second clockwork, the previous one is released from its duties immediately.


The guardian key must be steeped in the tears of a wistful clockwork lover and then used by that clockwork to unwind itself permanently.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Adventure Path #66: The Dead Heart of Xin © 2013, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Author: Brandon Hodge.

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