Greatcube of Power (Major Artifact)

Aura powerful (all schools) CL 20th; Slot none; Price —; Weight 4,000 lbs.


This polished cube is 3 feet across and bears countless symbols, patterns, lines, and tiny holes that pierce it no deeper than the thickness of a fingernail. Predominantly a rich gray but veined with white and gold like luxurious marble, it is somehow aligned to the flow of magical energy in its vicinity, and has been known to turn itself suddenly, usually less than an inch but rarely a foot or more.

In its large form, the cube encourages and enhances magic. Those near it with the potential to become bards or sorcerers sometimes spontaneously cast their first cantrips. Wizards gain insight to the formulae for new spells, clerics and druids hear echoes of prayers lost to time.

If you know its secrets you can use the power of the cube to duplicate the effects of an empowered, extended, maximized, quickened, or silent greater metamagic rod, up to 8 enhanced spells per day, one cube-granted enhancement per spell. You can use it as a rod of absorption, absorbing or releasing up to 8 spell levels per day. You can use it as a spellbook, preparing spells from it without needing read magic, and it contains knowledge of all common spells as well as a few unusual ones. If you are a bard, sorcerer, or other spontaneous caster you can use your own spell slots to cast spells the cube knows, even if you do not know the spell yourself. Activating any of these powers requires you to be sitting on the cube or touching it with one hand. It cannot be moved by magic, only physical force; any attempts merely have no effect.

Transforming it to its hand-sized form or back requires a command word and takes 1 full round for the transformation to complete. In its small form it retains its rod of absorption powers and you can use it up to three times per day as a empowered, extended, maximized, quickened, or silent lesser metamagic rod.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Chronicles: Gods and Magic. Copyright 2008, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Author: Sean K Reynolds.

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