Emperor’s Mammoth (Major Artifact)

Aura strong transmutationCL 20th; Slot none; Price —; Weight 8 tons


This strange construct vehicle looks like a giant woolly mammoth with a fortified palanquin mounted upon its back. Fashioned from rope, metal, wood, and bone, the Emperor’s Mammoth stands nearly 15 feet tall at the shoulder. Four long, curved, wooden tusks protrude from its huge head, as does a thick trunk consisting of a score of segmented metal plates wrapped in hide and wood.

The mammoth can be animated and controlled by a golden crown;, however, the wearer of the crown must retain at least one use of his mythic power in order to animate and control the vehicle. When activated, the mammoth has the statistics of a huge animated object with the constrict, grab, metal, and trample abilities.

If the crown’s wearer runs out of uses of mythic power while the mammoth is active, he loses control of the mammoth and it goes berserk for the next 5d10 rounds. After this rampage, the mammoth becomes inanimate and ceases to move until it is reactivated.


Placing the crown upon the head of an unworthy goblin dungsweeper causes the Emperor’s Mammoth to crumble into a thousand pieces.

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