Wraps of Suppressed Size

Price 32,000 gp (regular), 76,000 gp (surging); Aura strong transmutation; CL 12th; Slot body; Weight 1 lb.


This length of fabric is wrapped around the wearer’s abdomen or chest. On most wearers it appears as a simple roll of gauze, but when a creature wearing it can access elemental powers, it appears as a white satin ribbon edged in a bluish silver. While the wearer is under the effects of the kinetic form wild talent, they gain all of its benefits as normal from changing size to Large, but take up the same space as they ordinarily would, and are treated as if their size has not been changed for the purpose of other effects that alter size, such as the enlarge person spell. This only affects a creature using kinetic form if it’s used to increase size to Large. A surging wraps of suppressed size provides the same benefits, but also provides its benefits to a creature that has used kinetic form to increase its size to Huge. For the purpose of determining the effects on a creature due to change in size, effects that would alter its size stack (for example, a Medium creature wearing wraps of suppressed size and affected by both kinetic form and enlarge person would become a Large creature and have its ability scores adjusted as such, but would be considered a Huge creature to determine reach, penalty to AC and attack rolls, effective weapon size and damage, and so on).


Cost 16,000 gp (regular), 38,000 gp (surging); Feats Craft Wondrous Item, kinetic form, kineticist 12th (16th for surging)

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