Ring of Condensing Explosions

Price 8,500 gp (normal), 13,000 gp (alchemical), 13,000 gp (kinetic); Aura strong conjuration; CL 10th; Slot ring; Weight


Those who wear this ring can use a weak telekinetic force to draw the fragments of a splash weapon back toward their point of origin. Those wearing a ring of condensing explosions can apply the effects of the Concentrated Splash feat to all splash weapons (including alchemists’ bombs) 3 times per day, but no more often than once every 2 hours.

There are two advanced forms of the ring of condensing explosions which focus on particular forms of splash weapons: alchemical and kinetic. An alchemical ring of condensing explosions can only be used with bombs created with the bomb class feature, but the wearer can do so at will, once per round. A kinetic ring of condensing explosions can only be used with kinetic blasts affected by the kinetic bomb infusion or an infusion for which kinetic bomb is a prerequisite, but its wearer can do so a number of times per day equal to their kineticist level plus their Constitution modifier, and can do so once per round. The effects of these advanced forms do not stack with those of a normal ring of condensing explosions, instead causing the normal ring to become inert.


Cost 4,250 gp (normal), 6,500 gp (alchemical), 6,500 gp (kinetic) Forge Ring, Concentrated Splash, bomb class feature or kinetic bomb infusion, telekinesis or basic telekinesis wild talent

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