Leviathan Cross

Price 12,335 gp; Aura strong conjuration; CL 12th; Slot none; Weight 9 lbs.


This +1 conductive light crossbow is designed with kinetic powers in mind. It is a solid steel blue weapon with thin conduits carved along the stock; these conduits glow brightly as a kineticist pours their kinetic power into it, usually in a color matching with the blast’s elements. If the weapon’s conductive property is used to deliver a kinetic blast, the bolt fired can twist and turn along its trajectory as if it was a kinetic blast affected by the snake infusion, except using the weapon’s range.

Because this affects the crossbow bolt rather than the blast, the kineticist can still apply infusions to the blast as normal.

However, some form infusions function differently. If a form infusion creates a line or cone area of effect, then it treats the targeted square as its point of origin and is aimed in the direction the bolt was moving when it hit its target or landed.

If a form infusion has an emanation area centered around its user, instead treat it as a burst with the targeted square as its center. Because the leviathan cross is a ranged weapon, its conductive property cannot be used with form infusions which would be part of a melee attack (such as kinetic blade).


Cost 6,335 gp; Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor, snake infusion

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