Elemental Heart (Minor Artifact)

Slot none; Aura overwhelming (conjuration); CL 20th; Weight 2 lbs.


This pulsing heart seems to beat with all of the elements in sync, flaring up with different elements depending on its wielder. The bright core of the heart always seems to swirl with unearthly power, a weak heat emanating from the heart when held by someone in tune with the elements. When held by a kineticist, they gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls with their kinetic blast, a +3 to the DC of all wild talents, and no longer take damage from accepting burn, instead channeling it into the elemental heart. A hand holding an elemental heart is considered free for the purpose of gathering energy and other kineticist class abilities. Once the elemental heart has taken 300 damage in this way, it glows black and will not provide any benefit to that kineticist for 1 year.

As a full round action, any kineticist who holds the elemental heart can permanently change either their primary element or one of their expanded elements into a different element. If they do, all wild talents with the previous element must be changed to ones fitting their new element, possibly causing the loss of archetypes or changes to other wild talents. If used in this way, it grows black as though it had accepted 300 points of damage through burn.


An elemental heart can be destroyed if it is swallowed by an ancient or older dragon, spending a week inside of the creature’s stomach as its powers are drained into the great beast. Once it has been absorbed, the dragon who devoured it advances 1 age category, making them very popular for dragons of all kinds.

With the plethora of options made available to kineticists, it can be difficult to decide how one wants to build a kineticist if they don’t already have some ideas in mind. The following sample characters show a few ways one can build a kineticist Npc, whether as an ally to guide players or a villain for them to conquer.

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