Disc of Rainbow Tears

Price 18,400 gp; Aura strong evocation; CL 15th; Slot none; Weight 7 lbs.


Kineticists seldom utilize shields, as they tend to interfere with their ability to unleash their blasts, but this +2 impervious rebounding buckler is built to not only allow them to freely use their abilities, but enhance them. The shield has three slots on its inner surface designed to hold teardrop ioun stones (but cannot hold other ioun stones) and a port in the center through which a kineticist can fire their kinetic blast. They must take a full action to open this port, fire a blast through it, and close it once again, but doing so allows the blast to draw energy from the ioun stones set into it simultaneously, benefiting from all of the ones matching the blast’s elements.

In addition, a portion of the shield bonus to AC from a disc of rainbow tears stacks with that provided by a wild talent, up to +1 per ioun stone set into the shield, so long as at least one of the ioun stones enhances the same element as that of the wild talent that provides their shield bonus. Teardrop ioun stones set into a disc of rainbow tears cannot be considered as part of an ioun kineticist’s ioun cloud.


Cost 9,200 gp; Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor, kineticist 15th

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