Bracers of Elemental Conversion

Price 12,000 gp; Aura moderate transmutation; CL 10th; Slot wrists; Weight 2 lbs.


These bracers appear to be tarnished silver until activated, each one glowing a different color once activated, their aurora mirroring the converted elements. If the wearer has both the burn and kinetic blast class feature, they can accept 1 point of burn to convert any one simple energy blast they possess into another energy type (acid, cold, electric, fire, negative, positive, or sonic) for 10 minutes, although the damage of the converted blast is reduced by 1 step (2 steps if they choose sonic). While converted, the wearer cannot apply non-universal substance infusions to their blast. The wearer can still use any composite blast they possess for which the converted simple blast is a prerequisite, although the damage from it will match their new energy type (for example, if the wearer possesses fire blast and converts it into cold energy, their magma blast will deal half cold, half bludgeoning). The wearer can suppress this effect for 1 round as a free action, although time that the bracers are suppressed still counts against the effect’s duration. Only one simple energy blast can have its energy type converted this way at a time.


Cost 6,000 gp; Feats Craft Wondrous Item, kineticist 10th, any simple energy blast

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