Guardian Band

Price Varies +2 bonus 6,000 gp +4 bonus 24,000 gp +6 bonus 54,000 gp; Slot headband; CL 9th; Weight 1 lb.; Aura moderate divination


This silver headband is lightly engraved with swirling waves, vines, and other simple designs. The guardian band acts as a headband of inspired wisdom. In addition, each one is keyed to a specific facet, as the warden class feature. If the wearer can prepare facets, he is treated as having the lesser version of that facet prepared at all times. The +4 version of the guardian band instead grants both the lesser and greater versions of that facet, whereas the +6 version grants the lesser, greater, and grand versions of the facet. This does not grant the wearer the ability to use a facet tier higher than he can normally use (i.e. he must be able to prepare greater facets to gain the greater facet provided by a guardian band +4).


Cost varies; 3,000 gp (+2); 12,000 gp (+4); 26,000 gp (+6); Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells commune with nature, owl’s wisdom

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