Crude Tattoo, Capacitive Ink

Aura faint abjuration, evocation; CL 3rd; Slot –; Price 1,000 gp; Weight


This crudely crafted tattoo features a number of dark storm clouds, with little sparks flicking across it.


Inscribed using ink made with metallic shavings, these crude tattoos give the bearer a limited ability to absorb and store electricity. The bearer gains electrical resistance 5 up to a limit of 15 points of damage – after the threshold is met the bearer takes electrical damage normally. As a swift action, the capacitive ink crude tattoo may be discharged, channeling the electricity into a melee weapon or natural attack and adding 1d4 points of electricity damage per 5 points absorbed (maximum of 3d4) to the next melee attack. If the attack is not made before the end of the bearer’s next round the charge dissipates. Once the tattoo has been discharged it remains inactive until 24 hours has passed, at which point it regains the ability to absorb electricity.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells defensive shock; Special Profession (calligraphy artist, painter, or tattoo artist) 3 ranks; Cost 500 gp

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Affordable Arcana: Magic Tattoos © 2017, Publishing; Author: Andrew Ready

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