Crude Tattoo, Aphasic

Aura faint enchantment; CL 3rd; Slot –; Price 1,800 gp; Weight


Tattooed on the bearer’s face, this crude tattoo features an unintelligible swirling script composed of words and letters originating from many different languages.


An aphasic crude tattoo must be tattooed on the face to take effect. The tattoo can be activated twice per day as an immediate action when the bearer casts a spell, causing random portions of the crude aphasic tattoo’s script to glow in a flowing, coruscating fashion. Anyone attempting to discern the spell being cast while looking at the spellcaster and while the tattoo is uncovered increases the Spellcraft DC by 5, as the randomly glowing words subconsciously obfuscate their understanding of the spell.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells aphasia; Special Profession (calligraphy artist, painter, or tattoo artist) 3 ranks; Cost 900 gp

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Affordable Arcana: Magic Tattoos © 2017, Publishing; Author: Andrew Ready

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