Magic Tattoos

Tattoos are a time-honored form of art and expression. From the savagely inked warrior to the scarified exile and the artfully tattooed noble, various cultures have used tattoos in order to differentiate social classes, mark achievements or shame, and as personal self- expression. Tattoos can be beautifully intricate designs or crudely drawn images, but regardless of their quality they draw meaning from the personal investiture of the bearer; in a world of magic, tattoos of any quality can be invested with magical qualities to give them utilitarian capabilities.

Crude Magical Tattoos

Much like wondrous items, the quality of a tattoo influences its magical capability and potency. Crude tattoos are closer in nature to tattoos created by early artists, shamans, and spiritualists than to the finer arts practiced in some cultures by tattoo artists. In order for a caster to make crude tattoos, he must possess the Craft Wondrous Item item creation feat along with 3 ranks in Profession (calligraphy artist), Profession (painter), or Profession (tattoo artist). Any crude tattoo may only reproduce an effect whose power level is in line with 2nd level or lower spells. Due to their simplicity, crude tattoos take less time and cost less to produce than standard variants. The final crafting cost and time required for a crude tattoo is 75% that of a standard version.

As these tattoos are rough designs daubed, brushed, or carved into the skin, they are more easily defaced than normal magical tattoos. Crude tattoos can be destroyed as part of a full-round action requiring 4 points of slashing, fire, or acid damage to destroy regardless of the tattoo’s caster level.

If the crude tattoo is in a visible location, it may be targeted by a sunder combat maneuver. If sufficient damage is dealt, the tattoo becomes defaced and inoperable, immediately ending any effects generated by the tattoo. Defacing it in this manner does not immediately destroy the tattoo, and spending an hour retouching a defaced crude tattoo with various inks costing 100 gp will restore its function.

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