Headhunter’s Staff

Aura faint divination; CL 5th; Slot none; Price 10,800 gp; Weight 4 lbs.


This long staff has two shrunken heads tied to the top with leather thongs and feathered fetishes. One head appears to be that of a man, and the other of a woman. Three times per day this staff can be used to produce an effect like the augury spell, with the same restrictions and limitations. This ability has a 75% chance of success.

When the response to the bearer’s question is “weal,” the female head will wail. When the response to the bearer’s question is “woe,” the male head will shout. When the response to the bearer’s question is “weal” or “woe,” both heads will cry out, and when the response is nothing, the heads will not do anything.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item, augury; Cost 5,400 gp.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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