Scepter of the Clawed Mistress

Aura moderate abjuration, conjuration, and divination; CL 11th; Slot slotless; Price 35,000 gp; Weight 4 lbs.


This rod is stylized to look like an elongated, leaping cat. It acts as a +1 animal bane light mace.


Additionally, the wielder is protected from attacks by feline creatures as if under a constant sanctuary effect (saving throw DC 14) and can speak with any feline creature possessing an Intelligence score of 2 or greater that is touched with the scepter as per the speak with animals spell. Three times per day, the wielder can speak the command word and summon 3 cheetahs. These cheetahs act as directed by the scepter’s wielder for the next 5 rounds.


Feats Craft Rod; Spells sanctuary, speak with animals, summon monster I, summon nature’s ally VI, and tongues; Cost 27,500 gp

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Treasury of the Sands. © 2014, Jon Brazer Enterprises; Authors: Jesper Andersen, Jonathan Ely, Joel Flank, Wojciech Gruchala, Scott Janke, Anthony Li, Maurice de Mare, Sean McGowan, Jacob Michaels, Adam Raner, Jacob Trier, Ian Turner, Brian Wiborg

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