Couatlskin Cape

Aura moderate evocation; CL 13th; Slot shoulders; Price 52,000 gp; Weight 3 lbs.


Couatls shed their prismatic hides periodically much like mundane snakes, and their feathered leavings are sacred to some worshipers. Carefully reworked by lizardfolk artisans into resplendent capes, these skins bestow a protective mantle upon the wearer against energy damage. Whenever the wearer of a couatlskin cape would take sufficient energy damage to reduce her hit points to 0 or lower, she may, as an immediate action, activate the cape to negate that damage entirely. When she does so, all of the correspondingly-colored feathers fall out of the cape. The couatlskin cape cannot be used to negate that damage type again, and is rendered useless once the cape has been used to negate one instance of damage from each of the six energy types. The energy types and corresponding colors are as follows: green for acid, blue for cold, yellow for electricity, red for fire, orange for force, and purple for sonic.

Additionally, once per day the wearer of a couatlskin cape can pluck a single feather of any remaining color from the cape. Once plucked, the feather becomes a dart which can be thrown as a ranged weapon; it deals 6d6 of the damage type corresponding to the color plucked on a successful hit. If the wearer has already used up all of the feathers of a given color to absorb energy damage, she can no longer throw a dart of that energy type.

Once a couatlskin cape’s power has been completely expended, it crumbles into a cloud of colorful dust which then instantly reforms into a tiny rainbow-colored celestial viper that can be tamed and taught tricks if the wearer so desires (see the Handle Animal skill for complete rules); otherwise, it slithers off harmlessly.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells prismatic spray, resist energy, summon monster I; Cost 26,000 gp

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