Hands of the Scribe

Aura moderate creation; CL 8th; Slot hands Weight 1/2 lbs.; Price 16,000 gp


These leather gloves have a golden trim around them and are especially conducive to runic magic. A runic scribe must wear the gloves for at least 24 hours before the magic upon them functions. Once he has done so, the gloves can store runic charges that he creates.

Up to two runic charges can be places on the gloves (one on each hand), using the normal rules for creating runic charges by casting scripts. However, the runic charges placed upon the gloves do not count against his normal maximum of runic charges he can maintain at once based on his scribe level. The charges also last indefinitely, rather than dissipating at the start of the day when the scribe regains his castings of his scripts.

The scribe still cannot overload more charges into a given script that his normal maximum. If he has more runic charges available than his normal maximum, he chooses which of the ones available to him are overloaded into the script. He must still overload as many charges as possible, though he is not required to use the charges on the gloves (instead using only the charges not placed on the gloves).

The gloves must be worn to use the charges stored in them. If any one else tries to wear the gloves, the runic charges on the gloves dissipate, though the new wearer can use the gloves after 24 hours as normal.


Craft Wondrous Item, create; Cost 8,000 gp

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