Tag of Homing

Aura faint divination and enchantment; CL 6th; Slot none; Price 3,600 gp; Weight —.


This golden dog tag inscribed with magical runes can guide anyone wearing it back to a person or location. This tag can be tied to any other piece of equipment. Once per day, when the tag is held and the command word is spoken, the activator can either set the tag to point to his current location or point to himself. The wearer of the tag will know the direction of the location or person that the tag was previously set to. The tag does not impart distance. If the target is on a plane different from that of the tag, the tag does not function.

Once per hour, the last person who activated the tag via command word may utter another command word, regardless of distance, to impart a strong urge upon the wearer of the tag to go in the direction that the tag is set to point to. However, this urge is only about as powerful as a stern verbal command, and may be disregarded. This does not work if the speaker is on a different plane than the tag.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item, locate object; Cost 1,800 gp.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Remarkable Races: Compendium of Unusual PC Races, Pathway to Adventure Edition. Copyright 2009, Alluria Publishing; Author: J. Matthew Kubisz

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