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Shroud of Safe Burial

Aura faint abjuration; CL 5th; Slot none; Price 750 gp; Weight 5 lbs.


The shroud of safe burial is a long length of cotton, wool, or linen, painted or embroidered with symbols of the faith. A deceased body that is wrapped in the shroud and buried within 72 hours of death will be protected in its grave or tomb for five weeks. For those five weeks, the body cannot rise as any form of undead. Anyone attempting to loot, destroy, or otherwise disturb the body must make a Will save (DC 15) or stop their actions, turn and walk straight away for 5 minutes.


Craft Wondrous Item, safe burial; Cost 375 gp.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Book of Divine Magic. Copyright 2009, 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming; Authors Connie J. Thomson and Robert W. Thomson, with Katheryn Bauer and Sean O’Connor.