Staff of Burning

Aura faint conjuration CL 8th; Slot none; Price

1,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.


This ornate staff is made of a polished bronzewood with a circular head holding a blood-red stone in its center. It has a faint, acrid stink that’s made worse when the staff is in use.


As a standard action and by expending 1 charge, the staff allows the use of the acid splash cantrip.

In addition, whenever you cast a spell that deals acid damage or deal acid damage with this rod, the acid damage increases by 1.

Unlike normal staves, this staff is fully recharged by expending one 1st-level spell when the wielder prepares spells or regains spell slots.


Feats Craft Staff; Spells acid arrow , acid splash; Cost 500 gp

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Affordable Arcana: Magic Staves © 2014, Publishing; Author: Jason Linker

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