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Metascript Rods

These items grant their user access to a particular metascript feat, usable three times a day. For instance, an enlarge metascript rod allows the wielder to enlarge three scripts per day.

As with metamagic rods, metascript rods come in three varieties: lesser (usable on scripts of 3rd level or lower), normal (usable on scripts of 6th level or lower) and greater (usable on scripts of 9th level or lower).

A scribe may only use one metascript rod on any given script, but it is permissible to combine a rod with metascript feats possessed by the rod’s wielder. Metascript rods are considered rods for all purposes, including adding them to random loot tables.

A scribe must take a full-round action to cast a script modified by a metascript rod, just as when he uses the feat himself (except for quicken metascript rods, which reduce the casting time to a swift action as normal).

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