Ring of Disjunction

Aura varies; CL varies; Slot ring; Weight


This ring can be the result of any attempted ring enchantment. The ring appears as the type of ring it had been intended to be and even functions as such. The ring gains its power not from the initial enchantment, but from draining the other magical items in the wearer’s possession. Each day every magic item in the possession of the wearer, beginning with the item with the highest CL, must make a DC 20 Will save as if it had been targeted by a mage’s disjunction spell. As soon as one item fails its save, the remaining items need not make a save for that day. Should no item fail a save, the ring is inert and does not function for that day.

The duration of the magic drain to an affected item is typically 24 hours. If the saving throw results in a 1, the item is rendered permanently non-magical.

This ring can only be removed by a remove curse immediately followed by a dispel magic after the ring has successfully drained the energy of another of the wearer’s magic items. Doing so renders the ring non-magical.

If these spells are cast upon the ring while it is inert, the ring is not affected and cannot be removed the wearers finger.


Magic Items any magic ring

Identification DC varies
False Identification DC varies

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Damnable Things: Rings. Copyright 2012, Iron Hills Games; Authors: Danny Darsey and Dain Nielsen.

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