Ring of Shielding Force

Aura moderate evocation; CL 9th; Slot ring; Weight


This ring appears to be a ring of force shield. Once activated, the area occupied by the wearer fills with an invisible and almost viscous force, slowing all movement within the wearer’s 5 foot square. The wearer suffers a penalty to his Strength and Dexterity modifiers as if he had suffered 6 points of ability damage in both attributes. Additionally, all movement for the wearer is treated as if he were moving through difficult terrain.

Physical attacks made against the wearer are reduced by 2 points (minimum 1 point of damage) due to the loss of momentum as the blow reaches its target.

This ring can only be removed by the casting of remove curse upon it. In this event, the ring may be removed but the ring and enchantment remain intact.


Magic Items ring of force shield

Identification DC 34
False Identification DC 24

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Damnable Things: Rings. Copyright 2012, Iron Hills Games; Authors: Danny Darsey and Dain Nielsen.

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