Ring of Illumination

Aura faint illusion; CL 3rd; Slot ring; Weight


This ring looks like a ring of invisibility and functions as such. However, when the wearer becomes invisible, they are outlined with a faint blue light. In light levels higher than dim light, the wearer’s Stealth bonus for invisibility is reduced to +20 if stationary or +10 if moving. In low light or darker conditions, however, the wearer is easily spotted and suffers a -10 penalty to any Stealth attempt.

Casting remove curse and darkness upon the ring allows the wearer to remove it, though the enchantment remains intact.


Magic Items ring of invisibility

Identification DC 28
False Identification DC 18

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Damnable Things: Rings. Copyright 2012, Iron Hills Games; Authors: Danny Darsey and Dain Nielsen.

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