Ring of Continuous Blinking

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Slot ring; Weight


While the ring appears to be a ring of blinking and functions as such, this ring causes the wearer’s eyes to blink rapidly and continuously. This side effect imparts a -5 penalty to sight-based Perception checks.

Additionally, the wearer is fatigued for the first two days of wearing the ring due to lack of sleep. After two days, the wearer is exhausted. A restoration spell cast upon the wearer will remove this effect for a single day and reset the day count for the fatigue effects.

This ring can only be removed by the casting of remove curse upon it. In this event, the ring may be removed but the ring and enchantment remain intact.


Magic Items ring of blinking

Identification DC 32
False Identification DC 22

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Damnable Things: Rings. Copyright 2012, Iron Hills Games; Authors: Danny Darsey and Dain Nielsen.

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