Ring of Desperate Defense (Least Minor Ring)

Aura faint conjuration (creation[force]); CL 3rd; Slot ring; Price 700 gp; Weight


This heavy ring is made of solid steel and etched with outlines reminiscent of heraldry.


Once per day, as an immediate action, the ring can be activated to protect the wearer. Upon activation, the ring immediately creates a shimmering suit of chainmail, perfectly fitted, out of opaque force. This armor acts in all ways as masterwork armor of its type (with all attendant bonuses and penalties) and lasts for 3 minutes, after which it dissipates.

The wearer suffers any penalties for wearing armor with which they are not proficient.

Because the armor is comprised entirely of force, it has the added bonus of protecting the wearer from the attacks of corporeal opponents.


Feats Forge Ring or Ring Apprentice; Spells instant armor; Cost 350 gp.

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