Bil’djooli Rod

Price 12,000 gp; Aura moderate evocation; CL 5th; Slot none; Weight 10 lbs.

The traditional weapon of bil’djooli soldiers, this thick steel rod functions as both a melee and a ranged weapon. In melee, the rod deals damage as a great club, including an additional 1d6 points of energy damage, and requires two hands to use. At range, it fires rays of elemental energy with a range increment of 60 feet. These attacks are ranged touch attacks that deal 4d6 points of energy damage. The rod fires rapidly, allowing the wielder to take additional attacks due to a high base attack bonus. Alternatively, the wielder can fire a single focused ray as a standard action that deals 6d6 points of energy damage to each creature it hits in a 60-foot line.

The wielder chooses the type of energy damage dealt by the rod, and can change to a different energy type as a swift action. The wielder can choose from acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, though more elaborate rods dealing sonic or negative energy damage do exist. Bil’djooli rods function perfectly well in open air, vacuum, or underwater, leaving thin trails of telltale magical energy such as thin lines of ice, and tiny bubbles of grey steam or yellow acid.

Bil’djooli rods function as both an exotic weapon and a magical item. A creature without proficiency in bil’djooli rods can activate the rod with a DC 20 Use Magic Device check, but still takes nonproficiency penalties when using the rod.

Bil’djooli treat them as martial weapons and need make no Use Magic Device check.


Cost 6,500 gp; Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor or Craft Technological Arms and Armor; Spells elemental aura; Skills 5 ranks in Craft (mechanical)

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