Cane of Winter’s Shepherd

Aura faint conjuration; CL 5th; Price 19,050 gp; Weight 4 lbs.


This long white shepherd’s crook is bound in a band of red and functions as a +1 staff though its bearer gains several additional benefits. First, their breath is always minty fresh, and they can cast purify food and drink and neutralize poison three times per day. Not only is the food or beverage made perfectly edible, but they also gain a slight mint flavoring.

Construction Requirements

Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells purify food and drink, neutralize poison; Cost 9,675 gp

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Orcus on 34th Level © 2020, Frog God Games; Author: Jon Hook; Pathfinder Conversion: Michael “Mars” Russell.

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