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Tyrant’s Decree

Aura strong enchantment; CL 13th; Weight 6 lbs.; Price 22,435 gp


A terrible blade originally designed for use by a ruthless lord, what was once called the lord’s decree has since been given its current moniker. The wielder of this +1 vengeful bastard sword can give a command word to declare vengeance upon a foe as a standard action, even if the target has not yet harmed the wielder. When declaring vengeance upon a foe in this manner, the wielder can also choose to give the creature an order, as a command spell (DC 13), or order another creature within 30 feet to attack the designated foe, as a murderous command spell (DC 13). A creature can only be given one order in a 24 hour period from a single tyrant’s decree.


Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells command, murderous command, vengeful outrage; Cost 11,218 gp

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